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Food Truck 101: Everything You Need To Know About Opening A Food Truck

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Andrew Harrison once quoted “Food trucks are to adults what ice-cream trucks are to kids!” And we all know that half of our childhood was spent waiting to hear the “tringggg” of ice-cream wala! And when we had the vanilla strawberry mix cone in our hand (albeit after a lot of tantrums), the satisfaction just couldn’t be put into words. So when the food trucks hit our Indian gastronomical market, they immediately got a huge fan following! And if you’re planning on opening a food truck, here’s what you need to know.

Food truck owners and those who work in it are always known to be passionate people (or so is portrayed by movies like the ‘Chef’).  Seeing them seasoning and grilling the meat till its golden brown and then inserting it into the bun which is already lathered with a whole layer of fresh mayo and cheddar cheese, all the while ‘hanging’ with their buddies can be quite envy-inducing. But there is so much more to it than that.

The Pros

Pocket-friendly: The reason it’s popular among youngsters is not only that they serve food combinations which high-end restaurants usually don’t. And they  really don’t have the wicked desire of making a hole in our pockets. When it comes to logistics though, a food truck costs much less, uses fresher produce and the stocks run out quite fast, because you can place your truck where the crowd is. 

Innovative concepts: We personally believe that chefs are the few of the most creative people existing on the planet. Adding  the perfect amount of spices, making  healthy food taste yummy along with handling a job to please our eyes and palate, this is one of the greatest challenges you are gonna face my friend. And when one is one’s own boss, these concepts come out of a chef’s sleeves and onto your plate.

Budding chefs rule the roost: Are you bored of working under someone who goes by the rules and are tired of the staid life? Then this is a jump you need to take, provided you have an idea that’ll blow minds. It’s time for you to blaze a trail and start something you have always dreamt of! And opening a food truck might just be the thing!

Bondingfood: One gets to meet tonnes of new people gobbling down their favorite eats while you are creating for them! Food trucks can certainly be a hub for people of similar interest other than food to mingle with each other. Food and friends make the best combination, don’t they?

The Cons

street food snacks Food truck fast food

Need for space: While the ultimate pro for getting a food truck is that it is manoeuvrable, attracting large crowds to these heavy gourmet trucks pose a real problem for our winding roads! So it’s best you find a empty enough spot because it can seem as a nuisance to the ones not gulping down the eats.

Stuffy & cramped: We recently visited a food truck in Thane which serves the best chicken cordon bleu. Though the food truck seemed quite airy to us, the ones serving and cooking didn’t have place to move their hands freely leave alone moving around a bit here and there. This is not the case with some but if observed carefully can be seen in quite a few.

Maintenance: According to surveys, maintaining a food truck may cost you a lot more than you may have calculated. Though in city like Mumbai you may not need to take permits and nor is there any license for mobile industries, you may have to establish it on a private property. Rents can pose a big problem for you. But where there’s a will there’s a way. 

So my friend, if you’re planning to take the jump into opening a food truck, now is the time. Weigh your pros and cons and tell us if you faced some more!

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street food snacks Food truck fast food   street food snacks Food truck fast food

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