This GK-1 Bar Has 50% Off On The Whole Bar Menu & We’re Getting Woooozy!

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House of Tigers in GK 1 is coming to charm us all with a bang-on desi menu, and an additional touch of international elegance. To begin with they have worked a lot on creating a soothing, peppy and classy ambience that induces concord and a feeling of a quaint dining. House Of Tigers is one of the only few places in GK 1, where you can chill and still feel like you are in a London drawing room with embellishments and a cosy décor.

Heartwarming Deals With Pan Indian Flavours

Coming back to the food. There is a vast variety of cuisines to choose from all over the country. We would recommend you try both Continental and North Indian dishes, so you don’t miss out on anything. You can always get a beer or two, or more depending on the amazing beer bucket deals that they offer all days of the week. If beer is not your poison, fret not guys and girls because you also get 1+1 sangria on Wednesdays and here’s the thing, they have a 50% off deal on the whole bar on Thursday!

Combine Your Alcohol With Kebabs

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Photo Courtesy Of: House Of Tigers

What you most definitely must try is their kebabs! The chef happens to have a magic touch when it comes to kebabs. What works for them, even more, is the fact that their chutneys are divine. The combination of their tandoori delights is a blast of yummy flavours in your mouth. The Tequila Kalmi Kebab and Talli Kebabs are our faves.

Find Your Groove

restaurants drinks dinner Category:Snacks casual dining   restaurants drinks dinner Category:Snacks casual dining

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While the pub is the perfect place to hang out with your friends on a weekend, it’s also into themed nights. You will find yourself indulging in the beautiful sufi music on Sufi Nights and grooving to the beats of their Salsa Nights.

Head to M-18, GK-1

Say hello at +91 99106 98266

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