The Hot Pink Cake Studio’s Ipshita Chakladar Shares Her Cookie Art Awesomeness

Cookies have always been very popular but what has caught everyone’s fancy now is decorated cookies. Cookie art is being rigorously followed by Indian bakers and how.

First Things First

Let’s hear Ipshita Chakladar, Co-founder of The Hot Pink Cake Studio spill some of her secrets on cookie art. The pastry artist has amassed a huge following on Facebook where she has nearly 3,00,000 fans and shares her amazing creations! Here are some of her tips to tide you over:

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Texture & Expectations

When you want to decorate cookies, you must remember not all cookies can be decorated even though many varieties have a smooth surface. This is only because the shelf life varies and they get soggy with the decoration. The best ones are sugar cookies which are strong and don’t have a crumbly texture.

What To Decorate On

Cookies can be decorated by dipping in chocolate, covering with fondant and intricate royal icing patterns.

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Royal Icing

The ones decorated with royal icing have the longest shelf life from a few weeks to months in the case of gingerbread cookies.

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To decorate your cookie, you must first cool the cookie completely.

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Shelf Life

Proper storage in airtight containers ensure that the cookies not only maintain texture but the patterns don’t spoil. Humid conditions cause colours to bleed and that spoils the look of the cookie.

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