Honey Dip Recipes: 5 Offbeat Foods That Go Well With Honey

Supremely Weird Combinations: 5 Unusual Things That Go Well With Honey

weird snacks pairing Offbeat Honey Category:Snacks

Honey is so full of goodness, that it makes honey dip recipes things better. Here are a few things that you should be drenching in this silky, liquid gold if you’re not already doing so. We like to use Honey Twigs for these little snacks of ours since they come in such handy packaging.

1. Blue Cheese

A little blue cheese on slices of a baguette, topped with figs and drizzled liberally with honey makes for great hors d’oeuvres for when you have guests over. You can even chop up a few pecan nuts and top the baguette slices too. The sweetness from the honey will cut through the slightly bitter and smoky flavours of the cheese and pecan nuts.

2. Yogurt

Weirdly enough, honey mixed with yoghurt uplifts the taste of the bland yet creamy food. You can mix yoghurt with granola and add a little honey for a great and healthy breakfast option.

3. Garlic

weird snacks pairing Offbeat Honey Category:Snacks

Garlic by itself full of medicinal properties. But, with added honey, it is known to amplify the health benefits many times over. You can just toss the two in with some butter to get some yummy garlic and honey flavoured butter. Now that’ll give competition to your usual honey dip recipes.

4. Potatoes

We feel that honey glazed potatoes are just the best thing in the world. Baked or fried potatoes with a generous spoonful, or even potatoes cooked with the liquid gold is sure to change what comfort food normally means to you.

5. Meat

Any kind of meat whether it is chicken, red meat, or seafood, goes amazingly well with that added golden glaze and sweetness that honey provides. You can choose to control the level of sweetness depending on your taste, but you should add a spoonful (or four!) when you’re planning to make a simple protein-packed meal the next time.

If you’re planning to get honey in smaller, more manageable quantities, you should get Honey Twigs. You can carry it with yourself on the go, and use it when you’re craving edible hugs.

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