4 Holi Party Hacks For Organising A Quick Party Without Any Fuss

4 Simple Food Hacks To Organise A Quick Holi Party Without Any Fuss

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Every year, we end up spending more time in the kitchen than playing with colours with our friends or spending a huge chunk of money on caterers. We say, no more skipping the fun this year or spending lot of money! To enjoy your party to the fullest, use these simple Holi party hacks which will give you more time to spend with your guests, without the frequent trips to the kitchen or the hassle of hiring waiters.

1. Live Bar 

Drinks are synonymous with a party. Prepare a live bar section for mocktails, cocktails and shakes (incase you have some kids coming over) where the guests can prepare their own drinks and have fun doing so! Spruce up the section with quirky artefacts, a fun wine decanter, different glass sets, unique stirrers, mason jars, funky straws and more. Keep some shot glasses ready with salt rings and lemon slices in a cookie jar accompanied by olive sticks in a toothpick holder.

2. Mezze Platters 

party mediteranean italian festival Category:Bakery

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Nothing is worse than having to heat and re-heat food again and again as you serve your guests. Prepare food platters as a centrepiece and surround them with plate pillars so your guests can help themselves to the food of their choice and no more microwaving for you! Include a Mediterranean platter with hummus, baba ganoush, pita and olives or an Italian platter with cold antipasto like bruschetta. These are easy to make and filling for the stomach, to keep you going till midnight.

3. Main Course

While most of your guests will fill up on appetisers, you still have to serve main course. But, making chapatis for a large group, an individual chicken roulade or even a steak is time consuming. So, opt for simple things which you can keep prepared in advance and simply microwave before serving. Follow the Mediterranean theme with slow cooked Moroccan meatballs and Lebanese chicken/mutton casserole or the Italian route with fettuccine alfredo/arrabiata and baked penne.

4. Desserts

party mediteranean italian festival Category:Bakery   party mediteranean italian festival Category:Bakery

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A party without the sweet section? No way! A DIY dessert section is must. Freeze individual kulfis in advance with easy to make mixtures available in supermarkets. Keep roohafza, khus, rabri as toppings for adults and chocolate chips, sprinklers, gems for kids. To keep with the themes you can also make a rosewater orange cake or tiramisu.


Follow this simple guide and your party with go more smoothly than ever. That is, if you don’t forget the entertainment factor!

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