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#HeyRum // Try Rum For Unbelievable Benefits From This Healthy Alcohol

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Winters are here and so are all our celebratory moods. And what if we told you about an unsung hero who wouldn’t damage your liver unlike most of the other alcoholic buddies. We’re talking about Rum. Rum is healthy? Maybe not all day everyday, but it can be a healthy alcohol when an emergency strikes. 

Cures Cough

This can be a gharelu nuskha, but there’s nothing like a mix of warm water, 45 milliliters of Old Monk and some honey to cure that sore throat.  We hate falling sick in winters don’t we,  so rum could be your doctor this season. It prevents common cold due to its antimicrobial properties. Besides,  it’s a warm and soothing drink. 

Prevents Scurvy 

Rum is known to be a drink that used to be given to British soldiers and navy ships, where other nutrients were hard to come by. Rum with a slice of lemon was provided to soldiers to build morale and keep scurvy at bay as well. Rum is the first of its kind; an alcoholic beverage which has history and culture associated with it. 

Prevents Heart Diseases

Since this works as an anti-coagulant and a blood thinner, in moderation, rum can help prevent clogged arteries. By increasing HDL cholesterol, which can be a good kind of cholesterol, this also helps fight any mishaps around heart disease. Not exactly a healthy alcohol, it sure helps to stay fortified.

Reduces Anxiety

By making you reduce your inhibitions, this works as a good stress and anxiety buster. With about a dose of 1.5 ounces you can beat that stress before a big decision.  To all the people who take stress and need anxiety pills. Stop that right now, rum can help you get a good nights rest.

Helps You Become A Pirate

Well, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. If you want to become a good, nay, a great pirate. This is your first step. JK, LOL.


Timeless drink huh?  Time to stock it up. Oh and you’re welcome.  

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