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#HeyRum // Perfect Mixers For Your Rum For A Perfect Drinking Party

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Drinking rum is our favourite way to keep warm in the winters and we can’t help but dream up of all the things that one could do with it for the many get-togethers this season, or even for when one wants to sit back with a glassful of it. We’re telling you how you can jazz up your next drinking party with these mixers for you to add to your drink.

Sugarcane Juice

You’d be surprised, but rum goes extremely well with sugarcane juice. They both come from the same plant, after all! If you’re making it at home, you could adjust the amount of rum that you’re using to make it a truly boozy drink for your drinking party. Or else, you could try the Benarasi Patiala at a Social near you.


drinks cocktail beverages alcohol

Rum and coke is the classic combination that any rum drinker will tell you about. Most spice flavoured rums are developed that way. You can build up your drink by pouring in the rum over ice first, tilting the glass and pouring in the Coca-Cola (or your choice of cola) after that. The rum will rest at the bottom and the cola should stay on top till it is mixed with a stirrer.

Ginger Beer

One of the best-carbonated drinks to add to rum, ginger beer adds to the spiciness of the drink. You could make the Dark and Stormy by topping rum over the ginger beer in a glass full of ice to make it look a dark sky over a stormy sea and impress guests at your drinking party.

Lime Juice

drinks cocktail beverages alcohol   drinks cocktail beverages alcohol

If you have the equipment, you could go that extra mile and combine white rum with lime juice and add the appropriate amount of sweeteners and shake it together to get the perfectly shaken daiquiri. Or, add it to an old-fashioned Rum and Coke to make a yummy Cuba Libre!

Fruit Juices

You could add juices from pineapples, grapefruits, oranges—either fresh or packaged to make cocktails like the Mai Tai and Piña Colada. Throw in a little bit of Angostura bitters for that added zing.

Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is perfect for when you want to make a nice, summery drink. When you combine this with pineapple juice, you’ll get a delicious Piña Colada. Slay those presentation skills by pouring the drink out into the shell of a tender coconut, or a hollowed out pineapple!

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drinks cocktail beverages alcohol   drinks cocktail beverages alcohol   drinks cocktail beverages alcohol

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