Healthy Snacks From RAW Pressery Are Soon Showing Up At Stores!

Coming Soon! RAW Pressery Is Going To Use Leftover Pulp To Make Chips & Petfood

snacks online juice healthy drinks Category:Organics

RAW Pressery uses the freshest and most organic fruits and vegetables for making delicious and healthy cold press juices. The plan is to reuse the leftovers to minimise waste in innovative ways, especially with healthy snacks from RAW Pressery.

First Things First

After having garnered orders that go up to about 1,00,000 bottles per month, RAW Pressery is planning to make edible items out of the waste from the fruits and vegetables that go into the making of their cold pressed juices.

snacks online juice healthy drinks Category:Organics

They’re exploring several options, at the moment. Chips, and even pet food (yay!) seem to be on their list of ways to reduce and manage waste from the 100 tonnes of fruits and vegetables that they use to make the juices. They feel that there will be enough takers for a healthier, natural alternative to processed food and we can’t help but agree with them.

RAW Pressery has already tied up with some of the farmers to sell them fruits and vegetables at economic rates for it to be turned into manure. Healthy snacks and cold press juices? We are so on this train of thought!

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