Guppy's New Winter Menu Blows Seafood Restaurants Out Of The Water

Guppy’s Slow Cooked Tuna Steak Has Killed & Taken Us To Seafood Heaven

winter menu japanese fine-dine asian

Guppy has been and will remain one of the best seafood restaurants in Delhi to get sushi and an amazing Katsu Curry. But, this winter, Guppy has outdone itself with its fantastic winter menu that is every bit filling and comforting in equal parts.

In A Nutshell

Guppy has been around for a while but whenever we find ourselves nearabouts Lodi, then this is a wonderful spot to have a comforting lunch. The quirky colour really lifts up the space during the mornings and we hardly ever go here during the evenings, but we’re sure it’s lovely all the same. The new winter menu blows other seafood restaurants out of the water.

Perfect Spot

The best place to sit here is near the windows when the sun is streaming in. Right next to the bar, you can also speak to the barkeep and watch the wonderful sushi rolls being created from scratch. The teal and pinks of the space are nice to sit in anywhere else as well. The outside area has a tanabata tree to give you shade during the summers.

Raise A Toast To

We got the Kiwi Mojito which was super refreshing and is a great palate cleanser when you’ve had something particularly pungent. The Hazelnut Coffee Shake came in a martini glass and was bit too sweet for our liking. Though, with all the spicy stuff, you may need it.

On The Silver Platter

winter menu japanese fine-dine asian

Starting with the Lobster and Seafood Soup Kaminabe, and it was enough to fill the two of us up. So if you want to try a bunch of stuff, then this won’t be a super good idea, but if you love seafood and want tonnes of it, this is it. Coming in a cute paper pot, the lobsters were fresh and juicy.

If salad is your poison of choice, then the Tuna & Avocado Poke will be an excellent addition to your order. The radish adds that pungency and the buttery avocado melts in your mouth. The Slow Cooked Tuna Steak is the star and we recommend it whole-heartedly. The tuna is well-cooked and comes with a poached egg and tangy sauce.

winter menu japanese fine-dine asian   winter menu japanese fine-dine asian

If an easy appetiser is wanting on your table, then the sushi rice crisps are perfect. They aren’t like your usual sushi rolls but are crispy on the outside; a bit like sushi pakoras, if we may. The Battera Sushi comes with different toppings, and we loved the eel one the best.

The Chicken Ramen is a really great substitute for our usual Katsu. Heathy and hearty, this one is great as comfort food. With corn, veggies, eggs and chicken strips, we’d love this on a chilly evening.

Bitter Pill

The Mushroom Toban Yaki isn’t for everyone. The peculiar essence of mushroom wouldn’t be preferable to all, but if you’re a mushroom connoisseur, this is a great way of getting acquainted with some rare varieties.

Food For Thought

Guppy and a winter menu go beautifully together. End with a warm carrot cake or matcha pudding and feel your heart fill up with love for the Japanese cuisine and seafood restaurants. Coming soon?

Head to 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

Say hello at 011 2469 0005

Pay INR 2,900 for two

Explore them here.

Photos Courtesy Of: Guppy

winter menu japanese fine-dine asian   winter menu japanese fine-dine asian   winter menu japanese fine-dine asian

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