Guppy's Chef Vikram Khatri Tells EatTreat About The Art Of Plating

Learn The Art Of Plating & Beautiful Cooking From Guppy’s Amazing Chef Vikram Khatri!

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Renowned award-winning Chef Vikram Khatri has been in the industry for 17 years now. After working his way through Sakura at Metropolitan Hotel, The Ocean Room (Sydney), Olive and now Guppy by AI, he’s now the master of Japanese cuisine and the art of plating. He’s learnt the craft of Japanese cuisine from renowned Japanese chefs and strives to bring the culture, techniques and Japanese art of plating to India.

Let’s get a glimpse into the final touches he makes sure of before the dish is served and how talent meets technique.

restaurants cooking chef Category:Restaurants

Choose The Right Crockery

Using plates, platters and bowls which are suitable and of enhanced quality should be used. At Guppy, we use different sizes, colours, types of plates and platters depending on the dish. Apart from the standard round plates, serving on square, oval and linear platters instead gives an edge to the dish. We at our restaurant believe in “platter to plate”, which means the dishes are essentially for everyone at the table and not individual helpings—this changes the way the dish is served. Even the cutlery alongside is kept in a manner so that the user can use chopsticks or fork and knife.

Clockwise vs Asymmetrical Dressing

Definitely clockwise dressing as it usually appeals more to the human eye. A traditional tip for food presentation is imagining the plate like a clock—the dish is laid with it’s ingredients in circular position.

Drizzling, Sprinkling, Garnishing

Although the soul of the food is the main dish and it should speak for itself, other key ingredients should also be taken care of. The Pork Belly at Guppy is glazed with Honey Soy Sauce giving it the right flavour and taste. The garnishes should be edible and should blend with the dish and not have a contrasting taste to the meal. Techniques like gelling, foaming and emulsifying can add to the texture and it’s presentation. Lemon gel, soya protein gel, Herbs, air foam, edible froths are some examples.

restaurants cooking chef Category:Restaurants   restaurants cooking chef Category:Restaurants


As a chef, sometimes you can’t decide which plates, and crockery will be used by the restaurant. Hence, adapting to the cuisine and restaurant identity, the food presentation can be altered. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to not encounter any such limitation in my career.

Philosophy & Tips

I believe that you should cook with your heart and soul. If the dish is well-cooked with a good balance of flavours, seasoned appropriately and presented well on the plate, then even a simple dish could look like a masterpiece.

Photo Courtesy Of: Guppy by AI

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