Lady Baga Is Serving Goan Shack Feels With Goan Food In Delhi

So Your Goa Plans Fell Through? Head To Lady Baga For A Taste Of The Beach Life!

goan dinner Brunch

You’ve probably made endless plans to go to Goa with friends. WhatsApp groups have been made and abandoned way too many times for you to count. Or maybe, you miss the crazy time you spent at the last holiday you went on there. AD Singh is launching his new restaurant ‘Lady Baga’ by mid-January. It has all the Goa feels and is going to be the only place that serves Goan food in Delhi.

First Things First

goan dinner Brunch

The restaurant has been decorated by his wife Sabina Singh, and looks like a huge shack. There are projections of waves on the walls to make it look exactly like you’re dining at the beach. The sand on the floor, the hammocks, tie-dye cushions, bead curtains, sun beds, retro artwork on the walls—all complete the look of the hippie culture of the region.

Look out for crazy cocktails like the Goan Chorizo infused Bloody Mary and vodka shots flavoured with coconut and palm since you’re not legally allowed to get feni across Goa’s border. They’re focussing on serving Goan food in Delhi, and have items like the Goan Chorizo Pulav and the Pork Vindaloo. But, they also have oddities on their menu from other cultures—because the beach shack doesn’t necessarily serve one particular cuisine, it has food that comforts the soul.

goan dinner Brunch   goan dinner Brunch

Since not many others are currently doing Goan food in the city, AD Singh is quite confident that people would want to come to a place like this for the focus on food as well as ambience instead of going to their regular watering holes for a quick drink. We also hear that they plan to open more of these restaurants across the country.

Lady Baga is opening at the place that Monkey Bar once used to be. They’re opening doors on Wednesday, the 11th of January at noon.

Head to P-3/90, Connaught Circus, New Delhi

Say hello at 081306 56644

Explore Lady Baga.

Photos Courtesy Of: Joy Jeet Mukherjee

goan dinner Brunch   goan dinner Brunch   goan dinner Brunch

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