Where To Get Your Scoop Of Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge (HCF) In Gurgaon

sweet ice cream gurgaon dessert cake

Our all-time favourite Nirula’s has closed a lot of branches in the past year, but their Hot Chocolate Fudge is something we can never forget! HCF craving often leads us to Connaught Place, but there is a place to score some Nirula’s Ice cream in Gurgaon and it’s closer than we thought!

First Things First 

Good Earth located next to the food hub, Bani Square has a casual dining restaurant Moti Mahal on the first floor; This North Indian restaurant has a Nirula’s ice cream counter (Rejoice! For now we are headed over to get ourselves their indulgent HCF), a franchise of the branch in Connaught Place. We are already dreaming of our next order, banana split, golden glow, a tub of chocolate fudge and the ever classic vanilla ice cream to accompany it!

Head over to Unit no. 169 & 181, Good Earth City Centre, Sector-50, Gurgaon.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Nirula’s