Gauri Khan Says Dinnertime Is The Warmest Time In Her Home

Here’s what Gauri Khan has to tell EatTreat about her kids, food, Shah Rukh, Mannat and the simpler things in life.

On Meal Times In The Mannat Household

“Nobody at home really eats breakfast. Shah Rukh likes to wake up late since his shooting schedules begin by 2 pm, and he ends up getting back home quite late at night. So, the days Shah Rukh is in Bombay, my timings go for a toss—I skip the breakfast, and eat two dinners instead! Moreover the kids have also moved to England so there is no breakfast schedule at home really.”

On Eating Meals As A Family

“Hmmm that’s a good question. I would say dinner. Dinner is the only meal we end up having together on holidays. On a regular day, eating a meal together is quite rare since everyone’s timings are too different.”

On Cooking

“Not at all!”

On The Kind Of Meals The Kids Love

“You know, nobody in my family is really a foodie; luckily I think that’s why we all end up staying lean and slim. Shah Rukh is not into food at all, so he never gives me a chance to get stressed about what he’d eat or not. I feel I’m the worst kind of person to give an interview for a food magazine!”

On The One Dish SRK Can’t Live Without

“Chicken! From butter chicken to roast chicken; basically chicken in any and every form. Shah Rukh truly loves his chicken.”

On Getting Young Kids To Eat Right

“Well, when they were kids it was pretty much a struggle; they always wanted to run away from the dinning table! But I was never the chasing and force-feeding sort. I would just make it simple and feed them what they really enjoyed—stuff like biryani, butter and jam toast etc. So in all honesty, my kids have grown up on simple average home food (dal, sabzi, chicken, roti), instead of the fancy stuff. We’ve always led a simple lifestyle, and I’m truly glad for that.”

On Helping Mommies Stay Fit

Just put a lock on the kitchen, and not the mouth! And serve simple food at home.”

On Her Top Party And Hosting Rules

“It’s true that we’ve hosted some fantastic parties, but it’s always been an annual party ritual. We don’t host too many random dinners and parties at home, just that one big annual party, for which, we get everything catered from Taj. We’re not into flying down Michelin star chefs from different countries and going over the top for our parties.”

On The Best Places For A Meal

As I told you we’re not a fussy foodie family. So whenever we’re travelling as a family we do our research and try out all the new hip and trending places. Recently when we were in New York, we went to dine at the newly opened Buddha Bar.

On The Best Food In Town!

My home!

Words by: Sonalee Kumar