Get Dessert Delivery In Delhi From The Bombaykery For Sweet Cravings

Bite-sized Desserts & Belgian Chocolate Mousse At The Bombaykery 

sweet dessert delivery Category:Bakery

If you are craving something sugary, skip your usual neighbourhood bakery and ring up The Bombaykery for satiating that sweet tooth! Call them soon when you need dessert delivery in Delhi.

In A Nutshell

Bombaykery is a French patisserie, bringing the concept of bite-sized desserts to the city. There is finesse and refined craftsmanship in all their products, combined with the ingredient of passion for sugar. Ever since they opened (roughly 9 months ago) they have made quite a mark for fine quality and clean flavours among their patrons.

Cherry Picked

Currently, it’s an only-delivery bakery with an option for pick-up. Order on weekdays for hassle-free delivery.

sweet dessert delivery Category:Bakery

On The Silver Platter

We have tried a tonne of sweetmeats from their menu, but their Tender Coconut Cake truly stands out. A unique creation by the chef, it is light, smooth and absolutely heavenly; leaving you wanting more! If you want to indulge in something chocolaty, we suggest the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake. The dark chocolate mousse is smooth and has the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. If you are a macaron person, try their Lavender and Dark Chocolate Macarons for perfect texture, smooth ganache and a popping flavour!

Bitter Pill

The location is quite hard to find and delivery takes a minimum of two hours, so you got to sit tight for a bit before you can indulge in their sweet treats. (We suggest pacing about in anticipation to overcome the guilt of indulging in those calories, or maybe not!)

Food For Thought

The sweet scene in Delhi has come a long way and establishments like The Bombaykery are helping redefine the palate of Delhites with their fine creations. And we, are definitely on-board that bandwagon.

Explore The Bombaykery here.

Photos Courtesy Of: The Bombaykery

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