Kesar Da Dhaba, Makhan: 7 Restaurants in Amritsar You Need To Visit

Lassi At Kesar Da Dhaba & Fish Tikka At Makhan: An Amritsar Food Guide You Need

Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar

Going on a road trip with friends or visiting The Golden Temple? Head over to these restaurants in Amritsar and enjoy the food that truly represents the city. Serving the best of it on a plate, we recommend you have absolutely no line of control when trying these out!

1. Kanha Sweets

A trip to Amritsar without poori aloo, chana breakfast at Kahna Sweets is incomplete. Their large size poori’s with sweet aloo and tangy chana make for an intriguing brunch. While the swift service and bustling crowd make for a quirky experience. Get some Panjiri packed for winters while you are here; its sweet and packed with nuts and is quite healthy.

Drop in at Shop 1, Opposite Bijli Pehalwan Mandir, Lawrence Road, White Avenue, Amritsar

#EatExtra: The restaurant always has a waiting line so be prepared and keep some time on hand. The earlier you reach, the better!

2. Kesar Da Dhaba

Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar

Photo Courtesy Of: Kesar Da Dhaba

An iconic restaurant in Amritsar, Kesar Da Dhaba is famous for its large quantities, pure ingredients and robust flavours. If you visit during winters, do not miss their sarson ka saag and makki di roti, while summers are a time you can enjoy kadhi and of course, the gigantic aloo paranthas. Do not forget to order yourself a lassi when here.

Explore more about Kesar Da Dhaba here.

#EatExtra: Nestled inside the cramped lanes, this dhaba is not easy to find. We strongly recommend taking a rickshaw from a known point, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of these narrow gulleys. Also, be prepared to head back to the hotel after, because you are going to be stuffed like a paratha!

3. Kulcha Land 

No Punjabi can forget kulchas while on a food excursion. So, Kulcha Land is another must visit. Their aloo kulcha and masala kulchas topped with generous amounts of ghee, are just exceptional! This comfort food is so filling that you would want to hit the bed after the meal.

Explore more about Kulcha Land here.

4. Beera Chicken Corner

The hottest spot of town, Beera Chicken Corner is our most beloved restaurant in Amritsar. They use more than 300 full chickens every day, so you can well imagine just how popular this place is! Our order normally includes fish tikka, fish fry and the fluffiest keema naan you have ever eaten. Their tandoori chicken is beautifully caramelised on the outside and unbelievably juicy on the inside.

Explore Beera Chicken Corner here.

#EatExtra: The restaurant even though has a huge space, is always packed. So, park outside and enjoy quick service and delicious food in the comfort of your car.

5. Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner

Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar   Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar

Photo Courtesy Of: Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner

While Beera remains our favourite, Makhan is no less. Famous for its fish, its fish tikkas are mouth watering! Charred on the outside and flaky soft inside, these are out of the world. The quality is exceptional and the fish is always fresh.

Explore more about Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner here.

#EatExtra: Packing is something you shouldn’t put these tikkas through, so always eat them piping hot as they are cooked!

6. Gian Chand Lassi Wale

Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar   Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar   Tandoori north Indian fish Chicken Category:Meats amritsar

Photo Courtesy Of: Gian Chand Lassi

No matter which part of Punjab you find yourself in, a full tumbler of lassi is a must. Established in 1921, Gian Chand is one of the restaurants in Amritsar famous for its lassi. Sweet or salted, this thick lassi topped with malai served in a traditional steel glass is something everyone should experience.

Explore more about Gian Chand Lassi Wale here

7. Pehlwan Kulchewala

Amritsari kulche with chhole, Pehlwan is always buzzing. They often get limited by their food quantities rather than their customers, so we suggest heading here early. These no-fuss kulche are just the mouthful you need.

#EatExtra: While popular amongst the locals, it is lesser known for most. Located in Chattiwind Darwazza, Near Shaeedan Wala Gurudwara, its best to get an auto rickshaw while headed here and avoid any navigation hassles.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

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