Most Expensive Restaurants Across India To Spend Big Bucks On

Well the iPhone7 just launched and while we have been spending all this time arguing the pros and cons, there’s no doubt that its an expensive gadget. So, we thought we’d tell you how to spend all the moneys on food instead.

So, behold the most expensive dishes in India and we hope, you cross some off the list this coming year.


Orient Express – The Taj Palace Hotel

The Beluga Caviar costs a mere INR 15,000 (for 30gms and served with the traditional sides) at this luxury hotel and each main starts at at least 2,000 bucks. The seafood sections looks gorgeous and are absolutely worth the 3,000 bucks or so that you will spend on it. But whatever said, the spot is absolutely stunning and just right for that special occasion.

Tian – ITC Maurya

Priced at around INR 7,000 for two, they have three trailer menus that you must look out for. Each of those menus cater to vegetarians as well as non-veggies equally. If you think you won’t be struggling to choose between the ratatouille and the prawns, then you should definitely make your way here.

Photo Courtesy Of: Taj Palace

Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Hotel

Revelling in the Japanese cuisine, we’d recommend going for the sushi and sashimi (each piece priced at INR 800 or so). They also have an Wasabi Special Assorted Sushi And Sashimi platter for INR 9150. Tastefully done with a burst of flavours, we love the Yellow Tail Carpaccio (INR 3,000). Be ready to shell out about 7,000 bucks if you’re picking this restaurant for that birthday.


Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace

We HAD to list this again because of their tasting menu. Keeping a mix of Amuse Bouche, appetisers and desserts, the Omakase is priced at approximately INR 6750. The Ghost Tenderloin Sukiyaki that comes with Garlic Soy and Mash Potato is also one the most expensive dishes priced at about 5,200 bucks.

Photo Courtesy Of: St. Regis

Yuuka – The St. Regis Mumbai

Honestly we’d cough up the money just for the view, but Yuuka is priced at around INR 8,000 for two. Try the Salmon on fire along with the cucumber sake; a friend tells me that they are both winners (as is the rest of the menu).

Masala Kraft – The Taj Mahal Palace

The Sketch III which includes the non-veg menu can be ordered for INR 6,500 and the Wine Paired Menu is obviously a little more pricier at around 7,500 bucks. Perfect spot for the Indian palate, this one makes it to the list because of their excellent Tandoori Pink Salmon.

Featured Image Courtesy: The Taj Mahal Hotel