Edible Lingerie: Not The Only Thing Your Man Will Be Eating Tonight!

So we went on the internet to check what are the cool things that are trending online and guess what we found? We found edible lingerie on Amazon. Not the regular ones, but lingerie that you can eat! So hey guys and girls, now you know how to step up your foreplay game. Here are different ways you can use this sweet delight in your regular lives:

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1. The Perfect Anniversary Present

trending sweet desserts

Photo Courtesy Of: CreepBay 

Here’s the perfect gift that you can buy any new couple. The pressure cooker and cutlery of the past are so old school. If you know two love-birds who are reaching another milestone with their wedding, then this is your gift! 

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2. It’s Actually Tasty

Well while these edible lingerie are totally an awesome idea for revamping your sex life, they are also tasty. I see myself buying these just to eat them, in general. The ones available online are made of honey loops. There are also some made out of either candies or marshmallows, just not available right now. But oh well you can buy them marshmallows for now.

3. Birthday Gift For Your Bae

trending sweet desserts   trending sweet desserts

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Pexels

But if you are really looking to spice things up, this is your stop. Don’t even look further, because while all the lovey dovey stuff keeps happening, everything sexual is really underrated when it comes to celebrations. We still have a little barrier in our mindset, so break those barriers and some edible strings on the birthday of your bae!

4. Dare Or Treat?

For all the daredevils out there, here’s our challenge to you. Can you eat this off someone for a dare? Like man on man or woman on woman? Well here’s the thing, there are many dares that come to mind when you are handed a type of lingerie you can eat. Specially if you love making up dares while you play Jenga!

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Kamastra Edible Bra via Amazon

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