EatTreat Bytes: Quick And Easy Thai Paneer Bites With Leftover Paneer Tikka

What chicken is for non-vegetarians, paneer is for vegetarians. But doesn’t matter vegetarian or non-vegetarian, paneer is loved by all. Here’s a quick and easy paneer tikka recipe to try at home to make an amazing Thai paneer tikka recipe. Thai paneer Tikka with your leftover paneer bits make for a quick and easy main course for lunch.  Have you tried it yet?

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Quick And Easy Paneer Tikka Recipe


1 plate Paneer Tikka

01 tbsp coconut milk

02 tbsp heavy cream

02 tbsp curd

Chopped Coriander leaves

02 green chillies chopped

01 tbsp lemon grass

01 tbsp corn flour

Julienned lime leaf





  • Mix all the ingredients
  • Cover with clear foil and keep aside for an hour
  • Arrange on wooden skewers
  • Serve and enjoy 
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