#EatEffect // Everything You Need To Know About Flax Seeds!

Winters always need some serious hogging which turns into some extra inches and extra waste sooner than you think. Flax seeds are going to be your new best friend this season and we’ll tell you how to feel light and lovely the next few months.

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First Things First 

Flax seeds are small wonders, commonly known to reduce bad cholesterols and protect against cancer and heart diseases. But that’s not all! These almost-magical brown and golden seeds are also great for your health and this is how:

Hair: Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids (who cares what they are, but we know that they are good for us), they are especially great for strengthening hair, thanks to all the nutrition they provide to the hair follicles. Also used to treat dandruff and itchy scalp, it’s great for those with hair problems.

Digestive System: High in lignin, flax seeds are great to boost metabolism and thus, keep you away from diseases. Also a high source of fibre, they ensure smooth functioning of the digestive system. Say bye to your tummy problems!

Skin: Our favourite reason for eating flax seeds? It clears acne! The cray pollution in Delhi, dirt and sometimes for no reason, the acne pops up and flax seeds can help you with it. That’s not all, the fatty acid in these seeds will naturally moisturise your skin and minimise skin irritation, rashes or other skin inflammatory diseases.

Nutrition: Containing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, they are ideal for those on a weight-loss or diabetic diet. Personally, we think they should be consumed by everyone, irrespective of whether you are on a diet or not.

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These seeds are super easy to manage but require a little extra care while storing. So, you might want to put them in an airtight container and stock in the fridge. It’s essential that the flax oil is kept cold and not heated.

The seeds can be ground with an ordinary coffee grinder. Once done, these can be used for sprinkling in yoghurt, your daily morning routine of cereals, cookie batter or even a meatloaf. Flax seed muffins are our favourite! If you like the taste, feel free to gobble a teaspoon every morning with warm water before breakfast.


Our favourite place to get flax seeds is I Say Organic. Ensuring quality and fertiliser-free products, we are assured to get seeds which will be healthy for us!

#EatExtra: Consume a very small quantity the first time to avoid any side effects or allergic emergencies.

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This article is part of the EatTreat campaign to eat better and live more consciously. We are creating the #EatEffect. Are you with us? #GreenIsTheNewBlack. Come see us at our event – The Great Winter Picnic.

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