#EatEffect // Go On A Tea Detox With TWG Tea At Kiyan, Roseate

Salt & Sandals gives us the in on how to go on a tea detox at Kiyan, Roseate. As a part of eating and being healthy to create an #EatEffect, Salt & Sandals tells us about the pure bliss of drinking tea and why #GreenIsTheNewBlack.

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First Things First

Tea is India’s national fuel. Without the plethora of tea breaks, all working machinery will come to a screeching halt in the country. The Indian experience of tea has always been that of a rejuvenating drink. The warm cup with a spoonful of milk and sugar is perfect to get your day started, and completed. But that is not how tea is enjoyed all over the world.

Tea is more of a leisurely drink which is an experience to the senses. With that in mind, TWG the luxury tea brand takes its first steps into India. The Wellbeing Group, starting off its business in Singapore in the 19th century now has a repertoire of more than 800 types of single estate tea. They are blended in Asia; its tropical climate giving birth to a rich blend of flavours. TWG is going to be available at Kiyan, The Roseate along with Roasted by The Roseate House at Delhi Aerocity. The four teas that you should definitely look out for are.

Creme Caramel

This delicate red tea from South Africa gives of a beautiful hit of spicy sweetness. It is derived from a secret blend of French spices. The sweetness of the tea will ensure that you will not be required to use any sugar at all. You can combine it with fruits and chocolate.

Imperial Oolong

A blue tea which has a hit of fruity spiciness but rounds off with a bitter after taste due to the fermented Chamylia plant.

Breakfast Earl Grey

This well-known tea from England is a fragrant black tea. The infusion of bergamot gives it a characteristic citrusy taste. It goes perfectly with game and red meat.

Harmutty Assam

One of the Indian blends that we Indians never get to taste. A smashing burst of flavours but always with a tinge of jealousy. A fine Indian tea leaf which had to travel the whole world to settle on an Indian palate.

You can taste all of these elegant beauties with a range of pastries and desserts from the kitchens at Kiyan at The Roseate. The TWG tea experience is something that will stay on your mind and palate for a very long time. And this is a perfect opportunity for you to go on a tea detox!

Cost: INR 400++ per cup

This article was first published on Salt & Sandals.

This article is part of the EatTreat campaign to eat better and live more consciously. We are creating the #EatEffect. Are you with us? #GreenIsTheNewBlack. Come see us at our event – The Great Winter Picnic.

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