#EatCheap: 8 Budget Restaurants In South Delhi Delivering To Your Home

#EatCheap: In South Delhi & Broke? These 8 Deliveries Will Save Your Hunger

restaurants greater kailash new delhi delivery cheap budget

Whether it’s a crazy midnight hunger pang, or a sudden craving for Chai, it’s always handy to keep a list of delivery options with you. And if you’re running low on dough, what better than having a list of budget delivery options? We’ve got you covered this time, with our curated guide to budget restaurants and options in South Delhi delivering to your home.


Want some good food and fast? Twigly’s timely delivery has us vouching for it. A food startup that has a daily changing menu with dishes made using fresh ingredients, Twigly serves Italian, Asian and Continental fare and they’re delivering to your home.

Say hello at 011 39595911

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Pay INR 500 for two

Stop My Starvation

In the mood for some waffles and pancakes? Feel like a light brunch but don’t want to step out? Stop My Starvation is the answer. They deliver across South Delhi, and till 11 PM.

Say hello at +91 8447729298

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Pay INR 300 for two


We love Sinyora’s for their simple take on Italian cooking. They deliver freshly made pasta with your choice of sauce right to your doorstep, in neat packaging. If you are in the mood for cooking, this is perfect for you. And we might add, it doesn’t take too much time too. They deliver between 11 AM to 7 PM.

Say hello at +91 9717133454

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Pay INR 500 for two

Bombay Brunch

Street food or South Indian on your mind? Call up Bombay Brunch. They deliver some amazing Schezwan Dosa and Vada Pav, true Bombay Style.

Say hello at 011 30806392

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Pay INR 400 for two


Have you tried some regional favourites like Litti Chokha and Sattu Paratha? No? Perhaps you didn’t know you could get it in the comfort of your home for a reasonable price. Call up Litti.in, they deliver Bihari staples till 11:30 PM.

Say hello at +91 965011475

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Pay INR 300 for two

Captain Grub

Looking for food at 3:00 AM? Worry not, for Captain Grub’s late night delivery has you covered. We absolutely love their burgers and sandwiches, their Traditional Club Sandwich being a favourite.

Say hello at +91 7042218585

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Pay INR 1000 for two


restaurants greater kailash new delhi delivery cheap budget

If you’re craving some chai and bun bhujjia, who you gonna call? Chaayos! Chaayos deliver chai and small bites till 1:00 AM, more reason to rejoice.

Say hello at 18001202424

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Pay INR 400 for two


Another one on our regional favourites list, Hornbill serves authentic Naga fare. What’s more, they deliver till 10:45 PM. So call them, for all your pork cravings, they’ll be delivering to your home.

Say hello at 011 65389769

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Pay INR 400 for two

Photo Courtesy Of Litti.in

restaurants greater kailash new delhi delivery cheap budget   restaurants greater kailash new delhi delivery cheap budget

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