The Case Against Dolma Aunty’s Momos: This Plate Of Goop Is Seriously Overrated

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Momos have bec

ome a very important part of the street food culture in Delhi. Every nook and corner in almost every street in the capital now has a small kiosk or a stall that serves these little dumplings, that have their roots in Nepal and Tibet. In fact, most Asian countries have their own version of the dumpling, differentiated by factors like shape, size, filling, and the wrapper. Since food is very subjective, we tend to have never-ending conversations about who makes them best, and Dolma Aunty’s Momos in Delhi almost always comes up in the discussion.

First Things First

Delhiites do seem to love their momos. Steamed, fried, and recently, tandoori momos feature in many menus of casual dining restaurants too. More and more businesses have begun to fill these dumplings up with crazy flavour combinations. Who’d a thunk that the humble momo would come a long way from the basic steamed veggie/meat filling that it usually had; to having fillings like chocolate sauce, and being skewered and cooked in a tandoor?

What Seems To Be The Issue?

Dolma Aunty’s Momos in Delhi are as simple as they come. They only make the steamed variety here, and you can pick between vegetarian, paneer, and chicken momos. They serve it with a spicy red garlic chutney, which is pretty much the standard way to have them.

Coming to why I think these extremely popular momos are so overrated – they basically look like a plate of goop. The momos are almost always wet (ew!), and the wrapping to filling ratio is not how it should be. You end up taking a bite of maida instead of getting all the components together. The red chutney is a little runny and isn’t half as spicy as the ones I’ve had from less popular stalls. The quantity may be more than what your local momo-wallah dishes out, but I certainly don’t like having momos that basically taste like wet dough. I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen, and had, better plates of momos in your life.

Besides, we as Delhiites, have also been spoilt for choice. No more do we settle just for the spicy red chutney. More and more momo-wallahs have started serving these plates with accompaniments like a sweet onion relish, and homemade ‘mayonnaise’. So, the people at Dolma Aunty’s momo stall do need to step up in terms of that too (if not that, then just quality-wise). 

Word To The Wise

People often even come to this tiny nook in Lajpat Nagar from all parts of Delhi-NCR only because they’ve heard so much about it. Dolma Aunty’s momos may be one of the oldest, but certainly not the best. And it definitely does not stand up to the hype that’s been created around it. 

In this case, I strongly feel that these momos are extremely overrated and not worth the visit. Also, this is not a jibe at a small business that’s extremely successful even after having tonnes of competition since they first set-up in 1994. In fact, I admire the fact that they’ve still managed to keep the business running in spite of all of these factors.

In Conclusion

Now, you don’t have to agree with me, and I’m sure that you can’t wait to tell me where to stick it just because I have an opinion about these momos that are not in line with yours. But, you do have to look beyond the hype and see things for what they really are.

So, can you?

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