You Can Let The Dogs Out At These Pet-Friendly Cafes In Delhi

Living in the city certainly has its perks, for instance, the concept of a dog cafe. But, we often find ourselves having to leave our four-legged family members behind when we go for lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and we’re tired of taking them to the same old parks and watching them ruin their coats by rolling in the mud. Here are some pet-friendly places in the city for you to go exploring with your pet.

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The Brown Box

This is the perfect dog cafe to be at when you just feel like hanging out with your puppy in the space outside the bakery-café with a cup of their freshly brewed coffee, or your favourite dessert.

Explore them here.


Located centrally, Puppychino is fairly new to the city. The space has a dedicated area for your pets to play around and be their goofy selves, and a separate area for you to relax with your other pet-loving friends. You could pick a snack from their menu and  play with the many other pooches that hang out there too.

Explore them here.

Off The Leash

A dog cafe and park, Off The Leash is open almost every day of the week. The dog park has a lot of space for your dog to just run around and make new pupper-friends, and it also has a swimming pool for your dog to chill in on hot summer days.

Explore them here.

Throttle Shrottle

A biker workshop turned cafe, Throttle Shrottle is one of those places where you can make a pit stop while you’re on a road trip with your paw-some friend. What’s more is that their chef is specially trained to cook food for pets—which is both quite inexpensive and wholesome.

Explore them here.

TabulaBeach Cafe

Photo Courtesy Of: TabulaBeach Cafe

Delhi is proving to be more dog-friendly than before. Previously, TabulaBeach only let you bring your pet over on Saturdays, but now they’re welcoming them with open arms from Monday to Saturday, noon to 5 pm.

Explore them here.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Puppychino

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