Dharmsala Tea Company Is Not Like Your Usual Tea Shops in Delhi

Black Tea, Saffron Green Tea, & Other Tea-Infused Brews At Dharmsala Tea Company

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Every cup of tea has a story attached to it—your own memories, and that of everyone involved in making your favourite brew. Dharmsala Tea Company, which is now over 130 years old, brings to you six generations of their own story; all in beautifully packed boxes. Not something you’ll find in your usual tea shops in Delhi.

Dharmsala Tea Company started way back in 1882, and have been producing single-origin tea Kangra Tea ever since. From the very beginning, they’ve focused on retaining their roots and family heritage in Dharmsala, and have also been making efforts in reviving the elements that make Kangra a distinct region. the culture of the area in their tea, and is reflective in the miniature Kangra art on the boxes that they use for packaging.


They package the tea in two ways – tin boxes that contain loose leaf tea, and ready to consume pouches encased individually in smaller boxes. They produce about 14 different varieties, including Himalayan Saffron Green Tea, Himalayan Black Orthodox Tea, Himalayan Hand Rolled Oolong Tea, and Himalayan Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea.

What We Loved

tea healthy drinks detox cleanse Category:Organics beverages

We’ve been drinking their Himalayan Saffron Green Tea, which always leaves us feeling considerably calmed during a busy weekday. We got the box with individually packed pouches and found more than just a few strands of saffron in each pouch. After having steeped it in hot water for about a minute, you begin to see the saffron strands and the tea imparting colour and flavour. You can keep the tea bag in for as long as you want, depending on how strong you want it to be; but if you keep it for too long, it might turn a tad bitter. You can always add a little sugar or honey to it, but that defeats the purpose of drinking green tea.

If you’re someone who is used to Darjeeling Tea, you may not be fond of this one. But, if you’re someone who understands and appreciates tea, you should definitely get this.

What More?

The Black Tea in this range is the closest to Darjeeling, though slightly milder. The flavour is quite strong in the first steep, but though the packaging says that you can steep it a couple more times, we wouldn’t recommend it. Weak tea isn’t really up our alley. We absolutely loved the aroma of this one. You can also pick out their Himalayan Green Tea, Himalayan Rose Tea and Hand-Rolled Oolong Tea.

Explore them here.

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