Depot 48 In GK 1 N Block Is Defining The Best Mexican Food In Delhi

Try A Tequila Based Mexican Coffee & Drippy Waffles For Date Night At Depot48

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It must be said that whatever Ritu Dalmia puts on a plate is worth spending your time, money and appetite over. We recently checked out Depot48, which is placed prominently overlooking the quaint GK 1 N-block market (which has all the pomp of M-block and less of the noise). And the Mexican food in Delhi stuns.

In A Nutshell

Stemming from the Depot29 brand of culinary fare, Depot 48 has a very industrial look of cassette embellishments and brick walls. Perfect for your acoustic evenings, this is a space that is great for a date or a get-together for musically inclined friends.

Perfect Spot

The best place to be seated is near the window, a corner table from where you can look at the market and all the people milling about. This also has a nice view of the bar, and this made it easy for us to catch the attention of the staff, whenever we needed something. The spot also grants you some amount of privacy for all your hand-holding and playing footsie.

Raise A Toast To

tex-mex south delhi mexican meat gk 1 European Category:Meats

We can only go on and on about their great cocktails but the three that stood for us, we will be revisiting them for sure. The Gingranate is perfect for those who like the fruity punch, and the lemonade is a bonus after a hard day’s work.

For those night owls, we will definitely recommend the Mexican Coffee (Viva Mojo Tequila shaken with Kahlua , vanilla syrup, fresh lime and ginger ale). The Old Fashioned is as classic as they come, so this is a solid pick from the menu.

On The Silver Platter

tex-mex south delhi mexican meat gk 1 European Category:Meats   tex-mex south delhi mexican meat gk 1 European Category:Meats

They have different Mexican menu sections for tacos, guacamole, quesadillas and burgers but we have a soft spot for their dips. We absolutely loved the warm Artichoke and spinach dip with the tortilla chips and the hung curd dip that came with the Slow roasted pumpkin and jalapeno empanadas, was next level. If you are a strict non-vegetarian, we can recommend the Fish empanadas instead, though you’ll be missing out if you haven’t tried the pumpkin ones.

We also had second thoughts about eating something healthy, but the Quinoa salad with pumpkin, pomegranate and feta in a honey-lemon dressing is tart and perfect for a fresh and light meal. If you’re looking for something filling, any of their tacos will do that job for you — especially the Pulled Pork and Refried Beans.

The non-veg sliders are good for a midnight snack, and they don’t make you feel terrible the morning after. But apart from all the food, we will talk about the one reason we came to Depot48 — The Waffles. The Wild berry compote and mascarpone cheese is the most winning dish on the menu and you have to have to try it to know what we are taco-ing about.

Bitter Pill

The mains menu is a little drab for us, though we usually make our way here for the tacos and appetisers. The usual chicken breasts and fried fish are a standard affair, but it’s really the offbeat items like the Jackfruit tostada that stand out for us.

Food For Thought

Come here on a night when they have live music accompanying your meal and you won’t regret it. And with the winter in the air, we recommend you try their pumpkin dishes as soon as you can. The cocktails will tide you over the bad times and the food will add to your good times, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

Explore Depot48 here.

Photos Courtesy Of: Depot48

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