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It’s A Fry-Day! Delhi Get’s Its Only Fries-Only Place Called Potet

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You will very soon be able to see a place only dedicated to making fries as the whole entire meal. Now your friends have an even better reason to steal the fries off of your plate. This fries place is coming and you have to try them out.

First Things First

Potet is the brainchild of three young women – Shasti Jain, Sumedha Upadhyay, and Shivika Upadhyay – foraying into the world of food and beverage. They’ve travelled quite extensively all over the world, and bring to you their combined experiences to you on a plate-full of fries to this fries place in Delhi.

Located in the soon-to-open-restaurant, The Junction, Potet aims to serve this food that is a favourite across all age groups, but not as sides. These loaded fries will finally get its own place as a main dish on Potet’s extensive menu that consists of classics from Germany, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Romania, and other countries.

What’s More?

At Potet, even their desserts are fries! They’ve got two lovely sweet fries that’ll combine your love for fries and desserts into one mind-blowing dish! At the moment, they’ll be serving fizzy drinks like ginger ale and Coca-Cola because they go very well with the dishes, but they plan to serve shakes and coffee as well in the future at their new fries place.

They plan to open their doors and welcome you to fries-heaven very soon in mid-December.

Explore Potet here.

snacks restaurants new fast food Cafe

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