Date Night & Dilly-Dallying At Fio Country Kitchen And Bar

Tucked inside the winding lanes of Saidulajab, the Garden of Five Senses is a spot we go quite often to either catch a gig or a nice fancy meal once in a while. The Fio Country Kitchen and Bar is one of our favourite outdoor spots that really has this whole private party thing sorted. We recently went and spent a nice lazy evening and here’s what happened:

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In A Nutshell

Having planted ourselves in the al fresco section of the restaurant, we really believe that this is just the spot to have a quiet romantic date or a family celebratory evening. They also do some pretty country-side themed receptions and buffets since the space is quite large and can accommodate 300 people or so easily.

Perfect Spot

While the different sections of Fio Country Kitchen and Bar are cordoned off, the wilderness and the rustic charm really add to the ambience and so anywhere outside would be a good spot to sit and people-watch or whisper sweet nothings to your SO.

Raise A Toast To

outdoor Kitchen italian healthy Category:Restaurants bar

Pick anything from their bar menu and you’ll be a happy camper, but we particularly recommend their absolutely potent Drunken Tree (the Fio Long Island Iced Tea), that’ll make sure you have a woozy time to say the least.

On The Silver Platter

Well, the appetisers will tease your appetite into ordering more and more, but the Phyllo Tazza with its crunchy artichoke, mushroom and pastry really stood out for us. The Chilli Pommery Chicken is quite filling, and you may want to skip the main course post this, but of course, you can also ask for smaller portions (but will you though?). The Chilli Garlic Butter Prawns were the winner in this section. Done frightfully well, with a glaze of garlic and butter, we’ll be ordering this over and over again, every single time.

outdoor Kitchen italian healthy Category:Restaurants bar   outdoor Kitchen italian healthy Category:Restaurants bar

Diving into the mains, the Roesti Rustico will be perfect for vegetarians, if you like a hint of sweet in your meals. The Country Hunter Chicken worked out super well for us, because – two words – rosemary potatoes. The hen leg is easy to manoeuvre and goes well with the breads that they serve.

Since we always pay extra special attention to the desserts, the Tiramisu won our hearts with its creamy smooth texture and small coffee bean shaped pieces of chocolate.

Bitter Pill

It might be slightly chilly to sit outside during the winters, but if you aren’t averse to the idea, this is a great plan for a date. The Roesti was a bit too sweet for us, but hey, you can ask them to make it according to your preferences and they will be happy to.

Food For Thought

All in all, this is a wonderful spot to go and get slightly tipsy, especially with the whole air pollution and smog situation going on. This greenery is an escape from Delhi’s concrete jungle and we welcome this with open arms.

Explore Fio Country Kitchen here.

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