Cyber Hub Social Has Brought The Bay All The Way To Gurgaon

Cyber Hub Social Is A Hit If You Want To Savour The Bae From Bombay

themed dinner Category:Restaurants casual dining bars

Social has officially brought the bae from Bombay at one of our favourite places in G-town. Team EatTreat dropped in at Cyber Hub Social and it had us leave a piece of our hearts there.

In A Nutshell

Based on the concept of a Bombay chawl, Cyber Hub Social is unlike its sister branches in the city. The tastefully done interiors of their shared workspaces and the Parsi style living room opening out to the street bar have successfully added a laid back, relaxed vibe to the otherwise urban feel of the Cyber City neighbourhood.

themed dinner Category:Restaurants casual dining bars

Cherry Picked

The seating arrangement outside has tables with carrom-board tops, that is perfect to relax at with the many drink options that they have. It’s a little more comfortable and goes perfectly with the theme. It brought back some very fond memories of childhood spent down south.

Raise A Glass To

The Strawberry Lemonade and the Peach Ice Tea are just the things to accompany your food. They have the perfect level of sweetness and are quite refreshing. It was love at every sip.

On The Silver Platter

We recommend the Fish Tacos and the Potato Skins for starters. Be sure to finish your meal with one of their sundaes. A chocolate bomb in the form of Chocolate Blood Bath was dropped on us and we loved every bit of it.

themed dinner Category:Restaurants casual dining bars   themed dinner Category:Restaurants casual dining bars

Bitter Pill

The seating is mostly for 2-6 people at a time. If you’re going in large groups after office, you might want to take the co-working space—which looks like it’s constantly going to be occupied given the number of people going to G-town for work.

Food For Thought

Cyber Hub Social is the newest restaurant by Social Offline, and they never disappoint. Be there for the lively ambience, quirky interiors, music that would make your body groove to the beat, and the oh-so-delicious food and drinks.

Cyber Hub Social opens it doors for everyone on Friday, 9th September. Consider it the perfect place to spend your Friday night at. We’re impressed, we bet you’ll love it too.

Explore CyberHub Social here.

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