The Colonnade In CP Is Coming & Here’s Everything That It Will House

A giant marquee that is now easily spotted from the Inner Circle, The Colonnade is going to be coming with everything foodie and we cannot tell you how great it all looks. After our small recce post an H&M spree, here’s the intel that we’ve gathered.

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Based on the same concept as DLF CyberHub, India’s first lifestyle, The Colonnade is going to house two parts: Dining and Fashion. #FoodMeetsHeritage at the spot and the lineup looks too good to not make a checklist and cross them off. Here’s what we’ve heard of so far:


Photo Courtesy Of: The Colonnade

Cafe Delhi Heights

Photo Courtesy Of: Cafe Delhi Heights

The Beer Cafe

Photo Courtesy Of: The Colonnade


Photo Courtesy Of: Keventer’s

The Permit Room

Photo Courtesy Of: The Permit Room

Wanchai By Kylin

Photo Courtesy Of: Wanchai by Kylin

Fat Lulu’s 

Photo Courtesy Of: Fat Lulu’s


Punjabi By Nature

Couple of new places like Sweet Bakes and Habibi Express are also going to be showing their wares. Plus, The Colonnade will also have a large number of QSRs including Burger King, Krispy Creme, Wow Momos, and Pita Pit.

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