Coconut, Kokum & Peanuts: Auro Brings Flavours Of The West Coast To Delhi

regional new drinks coastal bar

The opening of restaurants focusing on regional Indian cuisine seems to have become the trend this year. Auro Kitchen and Bar, located in the heart of Delhi is doing just that, but has brought a plethora of flavours that the city is yet to experience.

In A Nutshell

Auro Kitchen & Bar has only opened recently, but has already become the talk of the town. They serve food inspired from the cuisines of the west side of the coastal region of the country, but they also serve a few dishes from the north-eastern cuisine.

Cherry Picked

The best place to be seated is anywhere near the periphery of the terrace, whether you go in the late afternoon or for dinner. The entire vibe of the place is quite chilled out, and is also great if you want to host a party.

Raise A Toast To

regional new drinks coastal bar

The restaurant is yet to get the liquor license, so we’re quite excited to see what they have up their sleeve. For the time being, we tried the Chocolate Pear Shake that wasn’t all that stellar but tasted great. The Flower Power iced tea is good too, and it tasted like an iced version of the Kashmiri Kahwa.

On The Silver Platter

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we loved the Pumpkin and Coconut Soup. It wasn’t overly spiced, the caramelised onions added to the sweetness, and the little pepper that they had put in provided sufficient heat. We also loved the Vindaloo Pork Ribs that literally fell off the bone, the Tandoori Mushrooms that were grilled to perfection, and the Pulled Jackfruit Fajitas just blew our mind!

regional new drinks coastal bar   regional new drinks coastal bar
We ended our meal with the very delicious Chargrilled Gulab Jamun with Rose Mascarpone which was like fireworks in our mouths.

Bitter Pill

The tingmo in the Tingmo Hotdog was a little hard, and the sausage itself was too dry for the mouth. The Gunpowder Chicken Popcorn was just chicken popcorn coated with gunpowder and served with more gunpowder. The Watermelon Iced Tea was a little bland and could have done with a little mint and a little more watermelon syrup.

Food For Thought

regional new drinks coastal bar   regional new drinks coastal bar   regional new drinks coastal bar

Auro is a great new place in town that serves delicious regional food from the western coastal region of the country. One can explore all the different flavours here that they normally wouldn’t find at most restaurants in the city.

Explore Auro here.