7 Cocktail At Sodabottleopenerwala In Delhi That Add Booze To Your Life

7 Lethal Cocktails On SodaBottleOpenerWalla’s Menu That Have Us Going Back Every Time

new menu drinks cocktails Category:Drinks alcohol

SodaBottleOpenerWala in Delhi never fails to impress anyone who’s ever been there to experience the quirky ways of the dying traditions of Parsi cuisine. In fact, we find ourselves going back over and over again just to get our dose of the eccentric culture in the form of eclectic decor, food, and drinks.

First Things First

SodaBottleOpenerWalla has introduced its new menu with a great selection of food and drinks to choose from. The cocktails are a fusion of everything that is the Bombay-Parsi style, with international techniques—all made with fresh, seasonal fruits. The mixologists have made seven cocktails, each with their own story.

1. Mamma Nu Double Dose

This is probably ‘the’ drink you should sip on if you’re someone who wants to ease into trying hard liquors like whisky and rum. Also, it’s very easy for you to get drunk on this sweet concoction as it has double measures of rum and whisky, flavoured with a sweet syrup made of saffron and dates. The drink is mixed with eggs and has a lovely frothy layer, which is then garnished with a marigold. This just gave us all the festive feels.

2. BumSuckerWala

new menu drinks cocktails Category:Drinks alcohol

This drink is an ode to the Parsee family that started the ever popular raspberry soda business in Karachi and has been made with a raspberry syrup (also home made, like the date and saffron one), vodka, and thyme. It tastes just as great as it sounds!

3. Maushi Chi

Inspired by bootlegged stuff from Bandra’s Aunty’s bars of the 60s and 70s, SodaBottleOpenerWala has made this easy-sipping cocktail by adding tequila to their pineapple flavoured home brew.

4. Magic Tea

This one is aptly named, for it does feel like magic on your taste buds. They’ve made this with a spiced rum mixed with a homemade brew and peach flavoured ice tea. Great for when you’re visiting on a sunny afternoon!

5. Finding Frenny

Finding Frenny is a smooth gin-and-tonic spritzer with generous slices of the cool cucumber and seasonal fruit. You’re sure to love this so much, that you’re bound to forget how many of these you’ve had even in a short span of time.

6. Old Bawa

new menu drinks cocktails Category:Drinks alcohol   new menu drinks cocktails Category:Drinks alcohol

This is their take on the classic cocktail, Treacle and Old Fashioned and it may just become your favourite for it has some nice, wintery flavours. Whisky or bourbon is mixed with maple syrup, bitters, and a freshly made apple juice, and they’ve burnt a cinnamon stick to add that extra smoky flavour to it.

7. Bombay Julep

Bombay Julep is an addictive and strong mix of rum with a homemade apricot jam and honey with tapped mint leaves, served in a traditional julep glass. The orchid and mint leaves that they’ve used to garnish the drink, makes it a pretty sight

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