Chocolate Subscription?! Cocoatrait Brings To You Artisanal Chocolates Every Month

Cocoatrait, India’s only chocolate tasting club, is representing eight different chocolate artisans and the chocolates include artisanal, bean to bar, single origin, vegan, gluten-free, organic, natural flavour, and handcrafted fine chocolates — all in beautifully packed boxes that are insulated to keep them from spoiling. And the best part? They’ll send them over every month as a part of a chocolate subscription!

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First Things First

A new chocolate experience has arrived for the ones who have chocolate cravings on the regs. You can pamper yourself and your loved ones with these amazing boxes that are delivered straight to your doorstep every month. After cold pressed juices, salads, stationery, and even coffee, now you can get extraordinary gourmet chocolates with the Cocotrait subscription. And they deliver across the country.

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What’s more?

The regular subscription box will contain three to four premier chocolate bars and will be priced at INR 999 for a one month trial, INR 2,649 for three months, and INR 5,159 for a subscription for six months. Also, each month’s Luxury Subscription Box will contain two to three fine chocolate bars and will not repeat every month.

The box will also include a seven-step fine chocolate tasting guide with instructions on storage. This will be priced at INR 1,999 for the trial, INR 5,499 for three months, and INR 9,999 for six months. You pay the shipping cost for the first month, and they’ll handle it after that. The first month’s subscription box is shipped out the very next day of placing an order, and the subsequent monthly boxes are shipped out during the second week of each month.

Gift this to someone special on their birthday? Or you know, just get one for yourself.

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