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Nigiri Or Maki Sushi: A Dummy’s Guide To Eating Sushi

Having sushi for the first time can be an intimidating experience if you don’t know much about it. Mostly regarded as an acquired taste, sushi is now fast catching on in India with many restaurants now offering nigiri or maki sushi on their menus. If you’re new to the sushi bandwagon, we’ve made a list…

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#HeyRum // Beginner’s Guide For Dummies On How To Drink Rum

Have you ever gotten embarrassed among your rum aficionado friends because Bacardi is the only name you have ever heard related to rum? Don’t worry coz we have compiled all the facts you need to know. A beginner’s guide on how to drink rum!   First Things First Rum is basically made of sugarcane and…

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#HeyRum // Try Rum For Unbelievable Benefits From This Healthy Alcohol

Winters are here and so are all our celebratory moods. And what if we told you about an unsung hero who wouldn’t damage your liver unlike most of the other alcoholic buddies. We’re talking about Rum. Rum is healthy? Maybe not all day everyday, but it can be a healthy alcohol when an emergency strikes.  Cures…

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Food Truck 101: Everything You Need To Know About Opening A Food Truck

Andrew Harrison once quoted “Food trucks are to adults what ice-cream trucks are to kids!” And we all know that half of our childhood was spent waiting to hear the “tringggg” of ice-cream wala! And when we had the vanilla strawberry mix cone in our hand (albeit after a lot of tantrums), the satisfaction just…

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#EatEffect // Organic Kitchen Garden Veggies That Save Grocery Expenses!

Growing vegetables at home and creating your personal organic kitchen garden is the best way to ensure purity, reduce living costs and be more responsible towards the environment. Sure, growing the everyday vegetables requires a large space, so instead of growing onions which you need for almost every dish, opt for things you need in…

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#EatEffect // Biodegradable Food Packaging To Reduce Plastic Usage At Home

The environment is our responsibility and so it taking care of it. While blissfully enjoying our food, whether at a restaurant, dhaba, roadside or home we often forget the damage we are causing to the environment with our everyday plastic usage. First Things First Plastic plates and cutlery are widely used all over India. Picnics…