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#EatEffect Giveaway // Quit Smoking Now With Evolve Explore Vaping Device

Yes, you heard it right! EatTreat has partnered with Evolve Vapors as a part of our #EatEffect campaign. In our efforts towards making Delhi cleaner, greener & smoke-free, we wanted to focus not only on the smoke coming out our carburettors, but also out of our lungs!   We all know smoking is bad, to the extent…

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Hot Chocolate Or Mulled Wine: What’s Your Delhi Winter Drink?

There’s something about Delhi winter which makes you want a warm cuppa in your hand, snugly tucked into your gloves. All you want is to snuggle in your blanket or treat yourself to some comfort. So which drink would you indulge in this Delhi winter? Hot chocolate or a glass of warm mulled wine? You’ve got…

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Which Is Your Favourite Seasonal Wine Cocktail?

We love ourselves some beer but when it comes to a slow, mellow evening, we like to play it down with wine. These wine cocktails are winning the town over. Super unique and excellently made, we’re sure you’ll be able to pick one that is right up your alley. Photo Courtesy Of: Edson Hong

What 90s Candy Are You?

We love ourselves some TicTacs and the rare chlormint, but 90s candies have their own pros. So try out our quiz and tell us which one you are in spirit.