Leo Is Reducing Carbon Food-Print & These Are 5 Ways We Are Too

Leonardo DiCaprio is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to this pressing issue of climate change. Drop in the very pertinent problem of Diwali, fire crackers and crop-burning, and you will have yourself India on a plate.

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So in this very dim future, here’s what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, especially when it comes to utilising, recycling and managing our food resources.

First Things First

We watched the movie and you can too. What follows are what we took away from the movie.

And this is how we feel you can do your bit and help Leo (and yourself) at least reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduce Beef In Your Diet

In America, the carbon footprint of consuming beef is massive. While the same might not be true in India, eating beef has much higher atmospheric repercussions than eating chicken or veggies. The amount of resource in a single beef burger can run an AC for almost 24 hours. That is how much you will be affecting the world with a simple change of diet; moving from one option to another.

Eating Organic

What we don’t realise when we buy Lay’s, Cup Noodles or any other kind of processed food is the amount of damage we are doing to forests. Each of these products need palm oil, which is one of the cheapest cooking oils but comes at the great cost of forest fires and using more land for palm plantations. Your choice to go green and clean can lead to a significant difference. Carrot sticks for snacks amirite?

Don’t Waste The Peels

vegan snacks Organic meat healthy food diwali

A lot of carbon dioxide is produced because of burning of leaves, trees and waste. The waste that is generated from your home can be composted and reused as manure or even better, the peels that you generate can be made into dishes. Potato skin fries FTW. Try utilising your cucumber and apple peels instead of putting them in the trash. This will help reduce wastage and help you reduce your carbon food-print.

Eat Everything You Buy

Food Wastage is one of the biggest concerns in India, where we waste billions of tonnes of produce. The least you can do is to eat everything you buy and are sure that none of it is wasted. Food hoarding is a terrible vice and well, while we can refrigerate pizza for days on end, make sure you end up eating it. (Or call us over. We never say no to pizza.)

Buy Fresh, Not Packed

vegan snacks Organic meat healthy food diwali   vegan snacks Organic meat healthy food diwali

Packaged food is obviously more wasteful because you end up using a lot more plastic than you need. Ask yourself, does your orange really need clingfilm around it? It already has natural protection! Anyway, using fresh produce and only as much as you need might be a small step in the right direction.

Cut the clutter and plan to clean with these steps and if you want more tips, we’re right here.

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