A Biryani Festival Is Happening At The Janpath & We’re Super Stoked

Sat Dec 10 2016 | 198 Views

A steaming hot pot of biryani goes a long way in comforting us during these cold winter days. Taking a cue from this, Hotel The Janpath has brought out a Biryani Festival (don’t forget the Shorba) at their all-day dining restaurant, Gulnar.

First Things First

Enjoy the authentic flavours of Awadh and Hyderabad in every spoonful, accompanied by Rogni gravies, crunchy papads, and raitas. You can choose from a selection of six biryanis, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian at this biryani festival. You will be able to find innovative inclusions like the Katahal (jackfruit), Motia (jasmine flowers), and Soya-chaap in the vegetarian varieties, while the non-vegetarian ones will include Gosht Murg and Kebab biryanis; all served with a variety of piping hot shorbas like Kakani, Murg, Dal, and Tomato.

The Biryani & Shorba Festival is perfect for those of us who want nothing but to warm up with a bowl of delicious food during this season. You’re sure to find all that you’re looking for here, and the prices shan’t burn a hole in your pocket either. You could get the vegetarian ones for INR 350 and the non-vegetarian option for INR 450.

When: Everyday till the 31st Dec
Where: Gulnar Restaurant, The Janpath
Timings: 1 pm to 11 pm

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