Delhi BC Serves The Best Butter Chicken In South Delhi!

The Bhatti Chicken at Dilli BC Is The Low-Fat Tandoori Solution For You

Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget

Nestled in a tiny corner in the normally busy markets of GK-II M Block, this fairly new takeaway and home delivery outlet has, quite quickly, become popular amongst the people living close by. And they probably have one of the best butter chicken in South Delhi.

In A Nutshell

Dilli BC is a food delivery and takeaway outlet. They have a limited menu that only consists of North Indian and Mughlai food. While they make what seems to be the best Butter Chicken in South Delhi that we’ve had, they don’t really want to be known by only that. A talk with the owner, Mr Apurv, revealed the simple day-to-day things they do that has made the business so successful in a short span of 7 months. They don’t recommend anything that they feel is of subpar quality that day, even if it is a popular food item. To them, the quality of food has always ranked over the number of orders they get.

On The Silver Platter

Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget

While it may be tough to gauge what constitutes a well made Butter Chicken because so many out there make it, they certainly do serve some of the best that we’ve ever had. In fact, it’s so good, you just need to mention this place to people and the first thing they’d tell you is that it’s the best butter chicken in South Delhi. They also make the juiciest chicken dishes to whet your appetite. Get the Tangri Kebab (drumsticks), the Lahsuni Chicken Tikka, and their innovation—Bhatti Chicken, which has the least amount of marinade and oil used for cooking and has come to be known as ‘gym walla chicken’. Don’t miss out on getting the stuffed.

Their Dal Makhni is so creamy and delicious, anyone who’s normally fussy about eating dal would gladly finish the entire thing (that’s exactly what had happened!). Also, the Rara Mutton was well made—the minced meat in the gravy were nice and chunky and the mutton fell off the bone very easily.

Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget   Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget

Have all of these with freshly made Garlic Naan. Additionally, if you just want to get a little snack for the evening, get their Cheese Stuffed Naan to go with your cup of tea. It is just the thing to get if you’re not in the mood to bend over the stove and making fried snacks.

They recommend finishing the meal with some nice Chocolate Pan from the Prince Pan outlet next door. But, we don’t blame you if you want the taste of this delicious meal to linger on for a bit.

Bitter Pill

They’re so good with food, we would have loved to see a few of their own signature innovations in the beverages section too. But that’s OK because people anyway like to down a meal like this with fizzy drinks.

Food For Thought

Dilli BC is a place you need to order from as soon as possible. You need all of this awesomeness in your life. You’re going to miss out on great things if you don’t get on that phone to call them up right away!

Head to M-58, Main Market, GK-II, New Delhi.

Say hello at +91 9013454545

Pay INR 700 for two people (approx.).

Explore Dilli BC.

Photo Courtesy Of: Saundarya Srinivasan

Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget   Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget   Mughlai Greater Kailash delivery budget

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