8 Authentic Bengali Sweet Shops For Bengali Sweets In Delhi

8 Authentic Bengali Sweet Shops In Delhi For Your Rosogollas & Chomchoms

sweets sweet shops South Ex New Delhi desserts CR Park New Delhi Category:Bakery bengali

Here’s our list of the places in Delhi where you can find the yummiest, most authentic Bengali sweets for you to gift to those close to your heart. And now that a whole hoard of festivals are making their way into the calendar, these Bengali sweets in Delhi will be a life saver. 

1. Kamala Sweets

The markets in Chittaranjan Park are quite well known for the many eateries present there, and Kamala Sweets is one of the famous ones. The Jaffran Sandesh, Lord Chomchom, Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Maalpooah and Mishti Doi are delicious, and the chops, kachoris and singaras are definitely things you will love. You could also try the Labanga Latika, Doodhpuli (available only in winters), Orange Sandesh, Kamal Bhog, Cream Toast and Sharada Bhog.

Head to K/1-101, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Say hello at 011 26275476,011 41602577

Pay INR 10/pc onwards

2. Annapurna Sweets

Annapurna wins on both accounts—the locations in South Delhi, and the many different sweetmeats that they have to offer. The Mishti Doi, Kheer Kodom, Cham- Cham, and Roshokodom are par excellence. Annapurna originated in Chandni Chowk with the very first one in 1922. The regulars are loyal to their Chena Mithais — Rajbhog, Rasamalai, Shahi Toast. The Samosa is one of the bestsellers as people queue up to get their share. A must visit for those with a sweet tooth!

Head to 10, DDA Market, Yusuf Sarai, Opposite Bharat Petroleum, Aurobindo Marg & Shop No.38, Market No.2, Block J, Chittaranjan Park

Say hello at 011 26275198,011 32945717

Sweets starting at INR 180/kg

3. Rasoraj

Rasoraj is also a popular sweet shop in Chittaranjan Park. They’re well known for their Gur Rosogulla, Cham-Cham, Kheer Kodom, Rajbhoj, Paneer ki Jalebi, Rabadi, and of course, the Mishti Doi. You can definitely count on Rasoraj for their authentic Bengali sweets.

Head to D-767, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9350456422,+91 9311002073

Sweets starting at INR 15/pc

 4. Kaleva

sweets sweet shops South Ex New Delhi desserts CR Park New Delhi Category:Bakery bengali

Photo Courtesy Of: Kaleva

One can never forget Kaleva when one talks about sweets in Delhi. It really is the one stop destination for all the popular sweetmeats. Relish a bowlful of their juicy Rasgullahs with your lunch, or get some as you walk around Gole Market. 

Head to 109, Bangla Saheb Marg, Gole Market, New Delhi

Say hello at 011 23365125, 011 28844002

Explore Kaleva

4. Bengali Sweet Centre

Located in the busy hub that is South Ex, Bengali Sweet Centre has its own dominion in the bustling market. While mithai is what they do best, their savoury snacks too have become well-known for their innovation and quality. They also have a chaat counter outside where you can satisfy your cravings for tangy and spicy snacks. Since it is so popular, it is always crowded even on non-festive days. Even so, the service is always quick and prompt. You should get the Badam Lauj, Pista Lauj, Badam Barfi, and Kalakand here.

Head to G-19, Har Gyan Singh Arya Marg, South Extension I

Say hello at 011 24621022,011 24624202

Sweets starting at INR 34/plate

5. Bangla Sweets

The sweets here are relished by people from all over Delhi even though this is not a Bengali sweet shop per se. They have a huge variety of sweetmeats and savoury snacks, and their chaat is hugely popular too. Any time you’re in central Delhi, you should go here for their juicy Rosogollas, creamy Sandesh and cooling Rabri-Kulfi.

Head to 115-117, Gole Market, Bangla Saheb Marg, Connaught Place

Say hello at 011 23362257,011 23344371

Explore Bangla Sweet House

6. Debnath Sweets & Caterers

Tucked inside an inner lane of Mahavir Enclave, Debnath is where we head to when we are near about Dwarka. Lot’s of Bengali families living in the area go to this shop purely out of the convenience, but we also love the Cham Cham, Kheerkodoms, Roshomalai and Sandesh. Get here in the early hours of the morning and you’ll be able to catch hot Kachori and vegetables, along with crispy runny Jalebis. We have previously had these guys do small scale events and household family functions as well.

Head to E-108, Bengali Colony Rd, Mahavir Enclave-I, Mahavir Enclave, Delhi

Say Hello at +918750887606

7. Aristocrat Sweet Shop

sweets sweet shops South Ex New Delhi desserts CR Park New Delhi Category:Bakery bengali   sweets sweet shops South Ex New Delhi desserts CR Park New Delhi Category:Bakery bengali

Another great place to get your weekly supply (more like, daily, amirite?) of yummy Bengali sweets. Get super delicious Payesh, Nolen Gur Sandesh, Rasmalai, Karai Milk, and more when you’re just here to stock up on these gorgeous sweet treats. You should even get authentic Bengali ‘chatneys’ packed from here for lunch time.

Head to Shop 9, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Say hello at 011 26279405, +91 9811126246


Photos Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

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