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#HeyRum // Beginner’s Guide For Dummies On How To Drink Rum

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Have you ever gotten embarrassed among your rum aficionado friends because Bacardi is the only name you have ever heard related to rum? Don’t worry coz we have compiled all the facts you need to know. A beginner’s guide on how to drink rum!  

First Things First

Rum is basically made of sugarcane and molasses. And is available is various grades:

  • Dark rum – Made of caramelised sugar; it is darker, flavourful  and also more aged than gold rums. It is available in brown, red and black colours.
  • Spiced rum – Made with the addition of spices like rosemary, cinnamon, aniseed, pepper etc.
  • Gold rum –  These rums are kept for ageing in gorgeous white oak barrels and the flavour comes somewhere between dark and light rum.
  • Light rum – Generally known as white rum, it is a tad sweeter than its counterparts and serves as an excellent base ingredient in mixed drinks.
  • Premium drinks – Just like premium chocolates, these come in the expensive category.  High in flavour, this drink is consumed straight.

Popular rum cocktails from around the world include mojitos, Hurricane, Pina Colada and Rum & Coke, of course. And the taste ranges from from vanilla and molasses to a woody taste (especially of the darker ones).

How To Drink Rum

Storage: Store it in your pantry or cellar i.e a cool and dry place. So it can even be stored in your cupboard! And remember to close the bottle as it has minute chances of getting spoilt.

Ordering Essentials:

  • ‘On the rocks’ means with ice and ‘straight up’ means plain without ice.
  • ‘Put it on the tab’ means the bartender will keep a track of your drinks and thus giving you the convenience of paying the total at the end.
  • You can even say “surprise me” which will allow your bartender to showcase his mixing talents as well adding a “surprise” or a “shock” element to your drink! We wouldn’t recommend this, if you can’t handles surprises, or your drink.

Methods used to make rum:

  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Ageing – Ageing is commonly done in bourbon casks.
  • Blending – The rum after being gracefully aged, is blended to mix in the flavors evenly and sometimes caramel is added to darker rums.

Some of the countries popular for rum are Jamaica and Guyana. Fillipino rum (Tunduay Superior) is the most bestselling rum the world. Then, there are countries like Jamaica, Guyana (El Dorado) which sell excellent ranges of rums. India is known to be the largest exporter of rum. Surprised?

Rum can be a great company in joy and a soothing friend in distress. So, go ahead, try one of the classy drinks existing on earth & flaunt your knowledge of how to drink rum. 

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drinks cocktail beverages alcohol

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