40 Kinds Of Beer Cocktails?! Beer LIIT, Skinny Mojito At The Beer Cafe For A Brewtiful Summer

Let’s be honest here; nothing, in this scorching heat, cools us off like a pint of chilled beer. But what if we tell you that you can chug beer cocktails? All thanks to the one and only The Beer Cafe. The best beer cafe across India, The Beer Cafe already has 50 beer brands from 20 countries and this time, they’re taking things a bit further. You can now get beer cocktails at The Beer Cafe. 

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Beer Cocktails At The Beer Cafe

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This summer, our beloved The Beer Cafe has come up with 40 variants of beer cocktails and we’re feeling thirsty already. Some of the interesting concoctions are Passion Bloomer, Smoked Cinnamon, Devil Martini and more. However, we’re particularly interested in Currytini which is made from mango, curry leaves and mint, or the Thai Lassi which is bound to give us a taste of Thailand right here in Delhi. If you’re a diet conscious chap, you can chug in the Skinny Mojito that promises to keep you healthy. Channelling their inexplicable love for beer, they’ve got an array of Brewtails like Beer Rita, Beerjito, Beer LIIT, Crazy Nuts and so much more. 

So drive down to your nearest Beer Cafe and sip the summer sadness away. One chug at a time!

Head to The Beer Cafe

Say hello at +91 – 124 – 4253636

Pay INR 1,250 for two people (approx)

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