Barbeque Nation Is Set To Open 300 Restaurants With Live Grills By 2020 All Across The Country

Barbeque Nation Hospitality which owns the live-grill restaurants with the same name is on a mission of expansion. They are aiming to open 300 new branches by 2020. Currently based in India and Dubai they have over 70 restaurants running across the country.

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First Things First

While Barbeque Nation is quite prominent in major metropolitans, the food chain is now looking to expand in cities like Tirupati, Nellore, Madurai, Salem and Kozhikode. Intending to open 50 restaurants just in the next fiscal year, they will soon be present in almost every city nation-wide.

More Barbeque Nation Outlets?!

With 74 restaurants in India and one more in Dubai, we can definitely expect fuller tummies and very very satisfied customers. So say hi to kebabs this weekend and make your way to the many Delhi NCR outlets!

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