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#HeyRum // What’s Inside Your Old Monk

We all agree that Old Monk is our favourite because it keeps us warm in the winter, it’s cheap, makes the yummiest of drinks, and can be added even to dessert! But, what really goes into this wonder drink? Let’s find out! Molasses Rum is made of byproducts of sugarcane, like molasses, and is even…

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Instagram Trend // We Petition For Our Birthday Cake To Be A Drip Cake

Drip cakes are what’s trending on the internets, and we can’t help but share our favourites from the thousands that we get to see every day. They’re quirky, pretty, colourful, and classy; all rolled into one! And it won’t be totally terrible to get one as a birthday cake. ‘Dripping’ With Fabulousness. Movie star planet…

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#HeyRum // Ever Wondered Which States Love Drinking Rum In India?

Old Monk is by far the most favourite rum of our country, and for good reason. This vanilla-scented golden liquid packaged in the iconic cubical bottle has many memories attached to it. And, of course, drinking rum in India the best thing that’ll help you get through the biting cold of the Delhi winter. First Things…