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6 Phenomenal Places To Get The Creamiest & Satisfying Kulfi Faluda In Delhi

Even though a slew of new and offbeat ice cream flavours have come up, they can’t overshadow the taste of Kulfi-Faluda. Creamy, sometimes nutty, and served with the white chowmein-like faluda, it’s every Indian’s go-to dessert. And so here’s a list of the best places that serve absolutely satisfying Kulfi in Delhi. 1. Bengali Sweet…

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9 Times The 2-Minute Maggi Comes To Your Rescue When Nobody Else Does

If there’s one thing that has dominated our childhood and continues to stay in the kitchen cupboards is definitely Maggi. Literally, there are so many Maggi spots in Delhi. Every two minutes, a Maggi is cooked somewhere; spreading happiness and rescuing people from hunger. We know it must have saved you too like it has…