Try Allnut Nut Milks For Vegan & Cold Pressed Almond Milk In Delhi

Allnut’s Cold-Pressed Nut Milks Are A Boon For The Vegan & The Lactose Intolerant In Delhi

vegetarian vegan Organic Milk healthy drinks Category:Organics

We are loving the fresh and natural nut milks that Allnut provides for those looking for an alternative to standard milks and for those who have an unfortunate intolerance. Dietary issues are now a part of our lifestyle and Allnut is making a difference by giving you options in dairy through almond milk in Delhi.

First Things First

Sakshi Khanna Hari and the Allnut team started milking almonds in 2012, but only in August 2015, did the whole idea come together and operations began. Starting with small batches, the team promised to deliver fresh milk to your doorstep. The love for this probably came from their dedication to health and whole foods, and if you’re prone to intolerances or harmful imbalances, then Allnut is all you need.

Flavouring Your Life

vegetarian vegan Organic Milk healthy drinks Category:Organics

Started with just almonds and certain flavours, they are currently planing to add more nuts to their repository. We hear that preservative free pistachio,  cashew, hazelnut, coconut milks and butters are coming. You can try their unsweetened versions as well or the vegan options of coconut sugar or raw sugar. Their current flavours include Cacao, Vanilla, Basil and Cinnamon. Activated almonds to begin the day? Yes yes yes.

We also think that it’s a good idea to go in for the chia seeds with this to derive the maximum nutrition for this.


Delivery across NCR, they promise to deliver this your doorstep and you can even order in packs so that you don’t miss out on this ever. We recommend this for all dietary health seekers. Each bottle as about 40% almonds and they are milking every Wed and Sat, delivering fresh across the city. So sign up now for the starter pack at INR 720.

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