Alcohol & Chocolate Pairings For Your Next Fabulous Dinner Party

Our Easy Guide To Alcohol & Chocolate Pairings For Your Dinner Party

sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol

Chocolate and alcohol go well together, and there’s no doubt about that. You can do so much more than just get liquor chocolates when you want sweet and boozy flavours for your palate. If Nutties and single malt is your thing, by all means, stick with it for your dinner party. But, if you’re only beginning to try your hand at pairing alcohol and chocolates, we’re guiding you with how you should do it for your next fabulous drinks and dinner party, or even when you’re feeling just a little fancy!


Whisky and chocolate both come from a large variety of different varieties, origins, and flavours. The two can work together to even out any harshness or highlight any subtle flavour. For example, milk chocolate can bring out the spicy kick in rye whiskies, and the smokiness of an aged whisky quite nicely mellows down the bitterness of 70% or more cacao.


This is probably the easiest one. Since beer already shows characteristics of coffee and chocolate, a piece of dark chocolate can wonderfully bring out the sugars and bitterness of the beer.


sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol

Quite simply, choose a wine that has low acidity and is low in tannins to go with any kind of chocolate. Bitter chocolates go better with sweeter wines, and vice versa. Also, if you have chocolates or wines of similar or contrasting notes together, you can be sure of achieving the perfect combination as you go about tasting.


They’re both from tropical regions and so they go together quite well. The main ingredient of rum, sugarcane, is affected by where it’s grown just like the cocoa plant. And so, you could have rum with single – origin chocolates that’ll compliment its flavours, and alternatively, with caramel chocolates.


One sip of bourbon with a small chunk of chocolate of 70% cacao or higher, and you’ll know exactly how well the two pair together. The bittersweet flavours bring out the smoky, velvet characteristics of the dram quite beautifully.


sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol   sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol

The next time you go drinking, substitute the lemon wedge that you chase down your tequila shot with, with a piece of chocolate instead. The drink carries the toasty notes from the blue agave (the main ingredient in tequila) which works wonderfully to bring out the creamy texture of chocolate.

Mint chocolate or fruit-flavoured ones will bring out grassy notes, while having chilli or cinnamon chocolates will douse out the heat of the tequila but will enhance the spicy kick at the back of your throat. You might want to keep a glass of water at hand!

#EatExtra: Remember that no amount of chocolate can improve a really bad drink and vice versa, so you should always try to get good quality alcohol and chocolate especially when you’re attempting to have a tasting session. Pay attention to your taste buds, for you just might come across the best combination for you quite accidentally. Also, you’ll then be able to guess what kind of chocolate would go best with your favourite drink.

Follow this guide and you should be all set for the ultimate dinner party!

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sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol   sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol   sweet drinks desserts chocolate alcohol

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