7 Tips & Tricks To Know For Your Next Backyard Barbeque

Come fall, we’ll be seeing a slew of emails crowding our inbox for invitations to barbeque nights and house-warming parties with a barbeque theme. Or maybe, you’re going to be the first to host one to start off the season. Here’s our list of tips and tricks that you absolutely must follow for a successful party that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re going crazy!

1. Use Cupcake Liners As Lids

To avoid bugs from getting into your drink, make a hole in the centre of a cupcake liner and cover your glass/mason jar/cup. Push your straw through it to enjoy your drink.

2. Fill A Bucket With Frozen Water Balloons

Fill balloons with water and freeze them ahead of your party. Just before it starts, you can fill a tub or a bucket with the balloons and put the bottles of beer in it. It looks super pretty and your drinks will stay longer.

3. Have A Gourmet Burger & Hot Dog Bar

Set up counters with an assortment of sauces and toppings, and hang a few recipe cards over them so your guests can make their own version of gourmet burgers and hot dogs with different flavours. This will save you from handling requests all night!

4. Have A Station For Paper Towels & Cutlery

Set up a table, with mugs and re-purposed tin cans, and fill them with plastic cutlery and paper napkins, so it’s convenient for people to get to them.

5. Use Fairy lights

If you’re planning for a BBQ at night, you can get strings of fairy lights to wind around the trees in your backyard, or add to the bushes and hedges. If you’re hosting it on your terrace or in your balcony, you can just drape it over the walls or windows.

6. Use Cute Ice Cubes

Freeze berries and herbs in ice-trays for a fun way to keep your drinks cold. It makes your drink taste different, and the glass look pretty!

7. Keep A Bag Of Sunscreen & Bug Repellent Handy

One major derailment of BBQs can be that the guests get sunburns and or are really put off by the flies or mosquitoes. Make sure you are storing sunscreen and bug spray for everyone to use. You can even invest in one of those electric bug  instruments too.

Have a happy BBQ!