Travel The World With These 5 World Cuisine Restaurants In Mumbai

Have you ever wanted to backpack on an impulse and visit different countries just to try out their food ? But how lucky Mumbaikars are when plenty of world cuisine restaurants are ready to offer what our heart truly wants! The two G’s – Good and Global come together here!

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Heng Bok for Korean

Korean food though may not be on your bucket list but this restaurant surely serves some excellent Kochuzang Sangyeop, which is eaten like a Pan and Bulgogi Deopbap, a sticky bowl rice preparation with thinly sliced marinated beef. Gobble all the meaty goodness with a glass of Jinro Soju.

The Green Onion for Nigerian

One can find the Nigerian staples like Prawn Egusi (A curry made of dried fish and melon seeds), Nigerian tomato based fish stew and Nigerian goat jollof rice. Ruby Dogra, the owner of green onions, says that the Nigerian ladies who visited the nearby hospitals shared their recipes with her which lead to the beginning of this restaurant.

Doppio for Vietnamese

restaurants mumbai global Chinese Category:Restaurants asian american

Photo Courtesy Of: Doppio

Doppio has added south-east influence to its new dishes, serving authentic Vietnamese rice paper wraps with pickled carrot and papaya, Hoisin tiger shrimp with wasabi mash and sautéed leaks are some of the mouthwatering dishes that are hard to find anywhere in Mumbai! Even though they have a very exhaustive world cuisine menu.

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Stacks and Racks for American

Love combination of bacon, cheddar and biting into juicy perfectly grilled tender meat? Then this is the place to go to! Stacks and Racks serves delicious American food which our usual McD and Dominos fail to provide.

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Pa Pa Ya for Asian 

restaurants mumbai global Chinese Category:Restaurants asian american   restaurants mumbai global Chinese Category:Restaurants asian american

Photo Courtesy Of: Pa Pa Ya

Zorawar Kalra’s Mumbai restaurant Pa Pa Ya aims to reinvent Asian cuisine in its entirety and dining here is a gastronomic experience. A lot of thought and care goes into making each dish on the menu, and the look and feel of the restaurant. Read more about it here.

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