5 Bewitching Cafes to Visit in Gurgaon

A list of cafes to sit for hours sipping coffee or have a stimulating conversation over a meal, for the perfect combination of food and leisure.

First Things First 

Theoretically, a cafe is a small restaurant which serves coffee and light meals; however, no longer do cafes stick to this definition. Most cafes are now doing everything fine-dine with the added aspect of tranquility. An establishment which checks both ambience and taste, is what makes it to our list!

The Mad Teapot

This magical cafe will woo you with its first look. Situated inside a beautiful shop, it truly couldn’t get better! Their all-vegetarian menu will be just what you need on a hot day and the sweet treats will leave you satisfied. While you are here, stop to buy a whimsical little charm to adorn your house or to gift to your friends.

Photo Courtesy Of: Di Ghent

Di Ghent Cafe

A Belgian cafe amidst the city; think wooden tables, laid back seating, European vibe and delicious food. The large glass windows allow for ample sunlight, so you have no trouble reading a book or clicking some Instagram-worthy pictures. They serve a smashing breakfast menu which you must not end without waffles!

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Another Fine Day

Quaint and rustic, Another Fine Day is a reading room cafe bejewelled with fun and quirky accessories. This place is all about comfort, leisure and fun! Whether you want to have a warm conversation, get some work done or play board games, it will not disappoint. You can hang out here for hours without being judgementally stared at by the waiters.

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Cafe Amaretto 

A significantly recent addition to Gurgaon’s cafe scene, Cafe Amaretto has gained quite a following for its simplistic ambience, relaxing vibe and Italian food. Don’t forget the paintings sported on the walls are for sale. So if you like something, feel free to snatch them up for your homes!

Photo Courtesy Of: Lavaash Deli By Saby

De Loft/Lavaash Deli By Saby

Chef Saby opened a deli in Gurgaon and everyone is swooning over it! The brightly lit interiors with expansive murals of peacocks are comforting in their own way. An extension of the Armenian bistro Lavaash by Saby, this deli does so much more in its own quiet way. Whether you are looking for a filling meal, small bite or desserts, try this deli to indulge those cravings.

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Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Di Ghent Cafe