19 Relatable & Funny Biryani Posts If Your First & Last Love Is Biryani

19 Relatable Biryani Posts If Your First & Last Love Is A Steaming Handi Of Biryani

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Well, Biryani is bae and no matter when and where we are, the craving for biryani can hit us real hard. So if you love biryani as much as we do and believe that it deserves an official nod of the head, if not a national day, then these funny biryani posts from Tumblr are for you!

1. Every Single One Of Them!


2. When Biryani Hurts Your Feelings


3. Did I Say I Wanted Pulao?


4. I Only Have Biryani-Based Friendships

5. The Biryani Love Calculator Is Real


6. Full Circle

7. That Awkward Moment You’re Ready To Give Up Your Friends

8. Don’t Fall Into That Spicy Trap


9. Bae <3


10. Hero – Biryani Adams


11. Biryani Could Make Me A Mean Girl


12. The Forever Kinda Love: Biryani, Not Diamonds


13. Biryani Can Be Complicated


14. I’m A Believer

15. Making Life Decisions Based On Biryani? Check.


16. Today’s Lesson: Solving Maths With Biryani


17. This Person Has Their Priorities Sorted


18. Why indeed?


19. In Love With The Taste Of You


And if now you’re definitely craving Biryani, here’s how to get some!

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