9 Rum Brands In India That You Should Get A Shot Of On A Cold Rainy Day #HeyRum

While our love for Old Monk is eternal, we went a little deeper in our search for this golden liquid and came up with a list of rum brands in India that you have to try. They aren’t anything out of the blue, but it’s good to have a handy list when you’re in the market for a shot or two.

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1. Hercules

A popular brand in the defence services, this is the brand that is known for its nostalgia-inducing taste and aroma. While there are many variants of this particular brand, each of them does justice to the original and then some with their unique tastes. We’d recommend the Hercules White Rum, Hercules XXX Rum and Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark, especially when they’re quite reasonably priced at INR 116 for 180 ml.

2. Jolly Roger

Another rum brand that has been serving patrons with its royal taste is Jolly Roger. The strong flavour and the really high percentage of alcohol (42.8%) make this quite a winning drink. It’s a matured rum that has tidbits of spiced and is priced at an easy INR 270 for 750 ml.

3. Old Port

The Vanilla and butterscotch flavours in this rum are winning the game with other rum brands.  An affordable rum again, this one comes at INR65 for 180 ml. They use 100% Indian cane and if you’re a keen connoisseur, you’ll also find hints of orange peel in your swig. We recommend you drink this with some ginger ale!

4. Bacardi

drinks cocktail Category:Drinks beverages alcohol

With a bunch of flavours like  Limon, Orange, Apple, Raspberry, Dragon Berry and more. This is a great rum for cocktails and to drink with mixers. If you like the flavours, you might also enjoy drinking this straight up.

5. Contessa

In 2009 his had become the highest selling rum in the defence forces and even today continues to create ripples. Produced by Radico Khaitan, this contains about 42.8% alcohol. A dark rum to boot, this one also has a slight hint of raisins. We’re raisin’ some hell with this at the bar.

6. Captain Morgan

Made by Diageo, this is a spiced rum that has always kept us on our toes with its excellent quality and super fun logo and branding. An amber-coloured drink, this is a vanilla base that keeps you guessing with its flavours of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Don’t miss the orange peel in this either. We’d recommend you mix this one up with sme regular OJ.

7. Havana Club

A Cuban brand, we love that this one comes in a chocolaty flavour. With an alcohol content close to 40%, it is one of the few rums in the world that follows a double barrel casking with a younger cask used first and then an older. The reddish hue of the rum comes from the cinnamon spice and the aroma is purely toffee. We hope you’re picking this one up soon!

8. Old Monk

drinks cocktail Category:Drinks beverages alcohol   drinks cocktail Category:Drinks beverages alcohol

Enough has been said about Old Monk on EatTreat but as seasoned drinkers of this rum, we could go on. It happens to be one of the most well-loved rums in the country. Perfect for the winter season, Delhi has a range of bars you can visit for Old Monk as well. The rise of Old Monk has been meteoric and we did a small analysis, as well!

9. Malibu

With only 21% alcohol content, this is a light rum with a distinct coconut flavour. Since it’s one of those premium rum brands, this is priced at INR 1650 for 750 ml. Pernod Ricard has brought out the big guns with this rum, so say, hello pina colada. They also make pre-packaged rum cocktails, if you can get your hands on them! Rum Brands in India are getting tough competition from this one.

This are 5 other dark and white rums we’re swirling our drinks with, as well.

You can check out how much we have immersed ourselves in our love for Old Monk, this is what you should be reading. And if you just want to go get some rum in your system, here’s a list of bars you can drink rum at. Read all our #HeyRum stories here.

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